ACR® Concrete Patch & Repair is a kit made up of an acrylic latex bonding additive and a specially blended fine cementitious powder, that when mixed together creates a high density, permanent patch and repair material for many cement and concrete based substrates.

When mixed together the product has superior adhesionto new and old concrete, cement, brick, stone and other hard surface materials. Once applied ACR Concrete Patch & Repair creates a durable patch that is highly resistant to chemical attack from many aggressive chemicals such as industrial cleaners, oils, organic solvents, fats, urine, etc. ACR Concrete Patch & Repair has high compressive strengths and can withstand forklifts and wheeled equipment and machinery.

ACR Concrete Patch & Repair is specifically designed to repair the surface of concrete and to work in combination with TechCrete Waterproofing Agent, but can be used in many repair applications. ACR Concrete Patch & Repair is part of our environmentally safe system of products.

Typical Applications

Key Benefits

Long term patching, waterproofing, and corrosion resistance.


ACR Concrete Patch & Repair is supplied in the following sizes;
Kit: 40 lbs of cementitious powder and
1/2 gallon of acrylic latex
bonding additive CONCENTRATE.

Product Properties

  • Acrylic Latex Bonding Additive and Cementitious Powder
  • Glossy Cementitious Gray 
  • Dries clear, milky white uncured

Performance Characteristics

• Interior or exterior use, above or below grade.
• Resists chipping and cracking from impact or
temperature change.
• Can be submerged after curing.
• Resists staining and discoloration.
• Resists lifting, spalling, or crumbling after repeated
freeze-thaw cycles.