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Cutting edge waterproofing technology

BridgeDeck Waterproofing Agent is a spray-applied liquid, designed to protect the concrete slab and the steel reinforcement bars that are present in all structural concrete bridges.  This is accomplished by the formation of a biochemically modified silicate gel ½” – ¾” below the surface of the concrete. 


BridgeDeck® Waterproofing Systems utilize a biochemically modified sodium silicate that is sprayed onto cured concrete. They combine with calcium and water inside the concrete to form a calcium silicate hydrate gel. The gel stores itself within the concrete and, when a crack forms, continues to seal the concrete. It looks like the concrete is self-healing.

Prevents Calcium Leaching, ACR, and ASR

BridgeDeck Waterproofing System is easily
applied and penetrates below the surface, with no
visible change to the concrete. The results will
amaze you and ensure your complete protection
for many years to come!
When used with other Alchemco Products,
including the ACR Surface Preparation Products,
a complete protection system is created. This full
system qualifies for a 25-year Limited Liability
Labor and Material Warranty when installed by an Alchemco Certified Applicator.


Our BridgeDECK® family of products are sure to offer your project the much needed waterproofing solution available on the market. Apply your solution faster with less crew and material requirements!


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