DuraTite® Crystalline Admix is a permanent waterproofing admixture. When added to concrete or mortar, insoluble crystals are formed and developed in the water-bearing capillaries of the mix, effectively blocking the passage of water and ensuring permanent water tightness throughout the life of the structure. DuraTite Crystalline Admix can also be used in production of waterproofing mortars and surface applied slurry systems

Typical Applications

Product Properties

• Provides excellent waterproofing properties by becoming an integral part of the structure.
• Protects concrete and reinforcement against corrosive waterborne substances.
• Crystalline action reactivated by contact with water providing long-term additional protection.
• Effective against both positive and negative pressure.
• Non-toxic or tainting.
• Permits early backfilling without requirement for protection boards.
• Maintenance free
• Bridges non-structural hairline cracks up to 1/64” (0.4 mm)


Concrete containing DuraTite Crystalline Admix must be p revented from drying out too rapidly and should be kept damp for a t least 7 days. Mist spraying with water and covering with poly ethylene is effective to prevent drying. Curing compounds are not recommended for use with DuraTite Crystalline Admix. Protect from weathering, sun, frost and wind for at least 7 days.

Performance Characteristics

Moisture and free lime within the mix combine with the active chemicals in the DuraTite Crystalline Admix to create a continuous barrier
of insoluble crystals which penetrate deep into the capillary structure of the concrete. These capillaries and interstices are blocked to the passage of water, whilst permitting the transmission of air and water vapor, enabling the structure to breathe. The rate of crystalline development varies with the variations in the mix design and curing regime of the concrete. However the crystalline development is usually sufficient to provide full waterproofing properties approximately 7-10 days after placement. DuraTite Crystalline Admix is equally effective against both negative and positive water or osmotic pressure. After the initial crystallization process has successfully waterproofed the structure, the active chemicals within DuraTite Crystalline Admix remain dormant in the concrete to offer long-term protection. Any later contact with water will reactivate the sealing process.


DuraTite Crystalline Admix is packaged :

  • 20 bags X 22 oz each
  • 20 bags X 0.8 Kg each


DuraTite Crystalline Admix may be added to the concrete either at the batching plant or added to the mixer at the job site. It is preferable that Duratite Crystalline Admix is added to the dry mix to ensure even distribution prior to the addition of water. If DuraTite Crystalline Admix is added after the addition of water, mixing must continue for an additional 10 minutes prior to placement of the mix. If there are questions contact the technical department at 800-610-2895. Do not apply if the ambient temperatures are below +4°C (+39°F) or above +35°C (+95°F).

Application Rates

Normal: 22 ounces per cubic yard (0.8 kg per cubic meter) of Concrete.

Application Method

1. Apply the DuraTite Crystalline Admix to the concrete mixture at about 22 ounces per cubic yard. If using prepackaged product, 1 – bag per cubic yard.