DuraTite Foundation is a permanent waterproofing system for concrete and cementitious substrates. When applied to the surface of concrete or mortar, insoluble crystals are formed and developed in the water bearing capillaries, effectively blocking the passage of water and ensuring permanent water tightness throughout the life of the structure.

DuraTite Foundation, when mixed with water, forms a slurry which is applied directly to concrete, or cement renders to provide permanent waterproofing.

Typical Applications

And protecting against water ingress in:

Product Properties

• Protects concrete and reinforcement against corrosive waterborne substances.
• Crystalline action reactivated by contact with water providing long-term additional protection.
• Effective against both positive and negative water pressure.
• Non-toxic or tainting.
• Proven world-wide track record.


Always add water to DuraTite Foundation- not in reverse order.
Mix 1 part of water to 2.6 parts DuraTite Foundation powder by volume: 55lbs (25kg) pails to 2 gallon of water (9.6 liters)


DuraTite Foundation is supplied in 55 lbs. (25kg) pails

How it works

Moisture and free lime present in the substrate react with the active chemicals in the DuraTite Foundation to create a continuous barrier of insoluble crystals which penetrate deep into the capillary structure of the concrete. These capillaries and interstices are blocked to the passage of water, whilst permitting the transmission of air and water vapour, enabling the structure to breathe.
The rate and penetration of crystalline development varies with the density and surface absorption of the concrete.

Surface penetration sufficient to provide full waterproofing properties is normally achieved after 7-10 days. Therefore, initial observations may suggest the application has not worked.
DuraTite Foundation is equally effective against both negative and positive water or osmotic pressure and can be applied to the internal or external surface. Wherever possible however, DuraTite Foundation should be applied to the surface with which the water is in direct contact. This will result in an accelerated rate of penetration and crystallization into the concrete structure.

After the crystallization process has successfully waterproofed the structure, DuraTite Foundation active chemicals remain dormant in the concrete to offer long-term protection. Any later contact with water will reactivate the sealing process.


DuraTite Foundation mixes are applied by brush onto the dampened substrate. Apply the material in 2 coats at right angles, the second coat whilst the first is firm, but ‘green’ – usually 4 – 6 hours after first coat (dependent on temperature).
Protect from weathering, sun, frost and wind for a similar minimum period.
Tanks and other water retaining structures may be filled 72 hours after final DuraTite Foundation application.

Structures subject to water leakage or ingress, must be carefully inspected to determine the cause. Any water present should be cleared away so that a thorough survey can be conducted. Dynamic cracks must be formed into a water-tight elastomeric movement joint .

Substrate Preparation

In common with all surface treatments to concrete, the quality of substrate preparation directly effects the performance of the system. Surfaces to be treated must be free from dust, oil, grease, paint residual curing compound, mold, oil or any previous surface treatment that will impair adhesion of DuraTite Foundation treatment, or inhibit penetration of the chemicals or water into the surface. Such substrates include polymer modified renders and those substrates treated with silicon or silane water repellents.
Remove any laitance and provide an open pored, slightly roughen surface sufficient to act as a mechanical key which is essential for adequate adhesion.
Areas of weak or honeycombed concrete must be repaired. Hollow de-bonding renders must be removed and made good. Surfaces to be treated that are not damp, must be pre wetted and still be damp at the time of application.