BridgeDECK PROtectant is a biochemically modified silicate solution that provides long-term waterproofing and durability benefits to concrete. It penetrates into the concrete and reacts with free calcium and water to form a calcium silicate gel complex in cracks, pores and capillaries. This gel creates a sub-surface barrier against the ingress of water and contaminants such as chloride ions.
BridgeDECK PROtectant will seal stable cracks up to 1/24” (1.0 mm) in width. In the matrix, the product remains reactive when in contact with water, to provide autogenous healing properties to future hairline cracks that increase in size.

Typical Applications​

Key Benefits

• Long-term performance
• 100% trafficable within 6-8 hours of application
• Protects against the harmful effects of corrosion by penetrating
the surface of concrete and forming a protective layer of gel
between the surface and steel reinforcing bars
• NSF 61 approved for water potability
• Vapor permeable – Does not trap moisture within the slab


BridgeDECK PROtectant comes in the following sizes;

  • 5 gallon Pails (18.92 liters)
  • 55 gallon drums (208.2 liters)

Product Properties

• Colorless & odorless, clear to slightly opaque
• Non-toxic & Biodegradable
• Percent non-volatile solids: 27.7%
• Specific gravity at 77°F (25°C): 1.225
• Flash point – no true flash – boils at 214°F (101°C)
• Auto-ignition temperature – N/A Non-explosive
• Viscosity – 14.3 centipoise or 0.1172 Stokes
• Hazardous chemicals – Sodium Silicate (modified) pH 11.7


Protect glass, aluminum, wood and painted surfaces, terra-cotta and glass-glazed tiles, red brick, marble and
travertine from over-spray.

Performance Characteristics

• Seals cracks up to 1/24” (1.0 mm) on initial application except for cold joint applications, which require a separate procedure
• Reduction of chloride diffusion coefficient by 89% to 3.5 (10-12m2/s).
• Increases surface hardness from 6 to 8 on the Moh’s scale.
• Reduces scaling in freeze-thaw environments by 89% at 50 cycles.
• Allows 84.1% moisture vapor permeability.
• Suitable for tanking applications (positive hydrostatic pressure) – tested to 400 meters (1,312’).
• Can be applied vertically or horizontally
• Provides long lasting internal protection & moisture blocking.
• Can be applied from the positive or negative side.
• 100% Green, Environmentally safe Non-Toxic


Basic Requirements

BridgeDECK PROtectant must be applied to a clean, dry, dust-free concrete surface that is at least 28 days old. If the surface is not clean, then the use of one of the following Alchemco Clean & Repair (ACR) products, or a shot blast system, is required for prepping the surface for warrantied applications. Chemical cleaning may require multiple applications and the use of different products to achieve complete cleaning. Certain types of cleaning equipment may improve the performance and speed of application when applying chemical cleaners. Contact the Technical Department for a list of approved equipment and cleaning methods.

  • ACR Concrete & Masonry Cleaner
  • ACR Emulsifying Cleaner
  • ACR Concrete & Masonry Etch
  • ACRPaint & Stain Remover
  • ACR Rust Converter & Inhibitor
Contact the Technical Department for help and directions regarding which cleaning product will provide the best result for a clean surface.
Where concrete repairs are required, chip out and treat with ACR Concrete Patch & Repair. Once repaired, allow at least 24 hours for patches to dry and cure. If works needs to be completed faster, then use ACR HP Concrete Repair.
Do not apply where ambient temperatures are below +39°F (+4°C) or above +95°F (+35°C).

Application Rates

Normal: 1 gallon per 200 square feet (1 liter to 5 square meters) on average. Can vary depending on substrate absorption, including the age of concrete and original density.

Application Method

1. Locate all cracks and flood with solution.
2. Apply the solution to the remaining area at a rate of between 180-220 square feet per gallon (4-6 square meters per liter).
3. When surface becomes touch dry – (usually 2-6 hours depending on wind conditions and ambient temperature) flood spray the treated areas with water. If product is still wet after 6 hours, begin watering anyway.