Ultra Masonry Sealer

CretePro® Ultra Masonry Sealer is a modified silicate solution that provides sealing and water resistance benefits to masonry, block, brick and concrete. It penetrates into the surface to form a gel. This gel creates a sub-surface barrier against the ingress of water and contaminants. CretePro Ultra Masonry Sealer penetrates into the surface and does not change the appearance of the masonry.
CretePro Ultra Masonry Sealer will provide a long-term barrier against moisture and many natural oils and contaminants

Typical Applications

Key Benefits

Excellent performance with re-application every 7-10 years or more. Provides a stable barrier to protect against moisture penetration.


CretePro Masonry Waterproofing Sealer is supplied in the following sizes;

  • 1 gallon bottle (3.8 liters)
  • 5 gallon Pails (18.92 liters)
  • 55 gallon drums (208.2 liters)

Product Properties

• Colorless, clear to slightly opaque, odorless, soapy feel
• Non-toxic & Biodegradable
• Percent non-volatile solids: 13.5%
• Specific gravity at 77°F (25°C): 1.225
• Flash point: no true flash: boils at 214°F (101°C)
• Auto-ignition temperature: N/A Non-explosive
• Viscosity: 14.3 centipoise or 0.1172 Stokes
• Hazardous chemicals: Sodium Silicate (modified)
• pH 11.7

Performance Characteristics

• Protects surface against moisture penetration
• Reduces scaling in freeze-thaw environments by 89% at 50 cycles
• Non-toxic and safe for the environment


The NSF/ANSI 61 is a set of national standards that relates to water treatment and establishes stringent requirements for all equipment and products that come in contact with either potable (drinking) water or products that support the production of potable water.
CretePro Ultra Masonry Sealer has been UL
Certified NSF/ANSI 61.


Basic Requirements
CretePro Ultra Masonry Sealer must be applied to a clean, dry, dust-free surface. If the surface is not clean, then the use of one of the following Alchemco Clean & Repair (ACR) products, or a shot blast system, is recommended for prepping the surface. Chemical cleaning may require multiple applications, and the use of different products, to achieve complete cleaning. Certain types of cleaning equipment may improve performance and speed of application when applying chemical cleaners. Contact the Technical Department for a list of approved equipment and cleaning methods.

•ACR Concrete & Masonry Cleaner
•ACR Concrete & Masonry Etch
•ACR Emulsifying Cleaner
•ACR Paint & Stain Remover
•ACR Rust Converter & Inhibitor

If there are questions which product or combination of products to use, contact the technical department at 800-610-2895.
It is recommended that where segregation, voids or chip out are apparent, that ACR Patch & Repair or ACR HP Concrete Repair be utilized.
Do not apply where ambient temperatures are below +39°F (+4°C) or above +95°F (+35°C).
Do not apply within 24 hours of the surface being wet.

Application Rates

Normal: 1 gallon per 200 square feet (1 liter per 5 square meters) on average. Can vary depending on substrate absorption, including age of surface and type of surface. 

Application Method

1. Using a low pressure sprayer, apply the solution to vertical surface at a rate of between 160-240 square feet per gallon (4-6 square meters per liter).